“Gift of the Rose”

Pink bunch of roses by Peggy Martinez

Welcome to “Gift of the Rose”, an art exhibit in progress, where you can be part of something special and unique!

This is an art collection about the language in colors of roses. Red roses have long been associated with “love”, how about green or lavender roses? This is an opportunity to be part of art exhibit without painting. Take the leap from being the viewer to being an artist by sharing your story or poem at this special blog, once you do you will be entering of a piece of artwork.

Roses have a very special place in my heart, they remind me of my sister, Margarita “Margie” Martinez, who passed away in 1999 from chronic asthma. She left behind two beautiful children and now has a grandson, she never saw or had the joy to hold in her arms. I will be having a section on the blog to bring Asthma Awareness, if you have information to share that would be great!

Did you know the rose, in any variety, size or color is the state flower of New York? Not many know this, how about if we bring all these wonderful facts to the community.

Join me on my journey at “Gift of the Rose”, see as I progress, cheer me on on days when I need encouragement and let’s make a piece of art together!

To learn more about this exciting opportunity visit my blog:


“Gift of the Rose” art exhibit

Opening reception: Fri., July 13, 2012, 6pm-8:30pm

Exhibit open to the public: June 29- August 24, 2012
1570 Art Gallery, 1570 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14610, Tel# (585)770-1923. Gallery hours are Monday-Friday, 9am-8pm

Free live painting demonstrations Paintings will be sold as is, proceeds will go to the Golisano’s Children’s Hospital to further benefit the Pediatric Asthma Support. Perfect way to give to a wonderful cause and for Mother’s Day!
Place: Outside the Box Art Gallery, 6 North main St, Suite 104, Fairport, NY 14450, Tel#377-0132 (Art Gallery is inside the Box Factory on Main St. in Fairport)

Date & Time: Sat. May 12, 2012, 11am-5pm

“Gift of the rose” makes front page!

Thank you to James Battaglia for the wonderful well-written interview! I honestly have a difficult time reading about “me”, I was explaining this to a great woman I admire and is a mentor to me in many ways. She has been in the news and media quite a bit and could relate to what I was saying, she explained to me that it’s humility. I finally, overcame that sensation and read the article. James did such a wonderful job with the interview transforming my vision and words to the community that I’m truly humbled, thank you Jim and the Gates-Chili Messenger Post!
Front page Gates-Chili Messenger Post

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