The Watercolor Workshop at RAC Studio

The Watercolor Workshop at RAC Studio

I had an opportunity to share with a a talented and fabulous group of Artist Glazing with watercolors and mounting their creations to an Ampersand Claybord. We also played with samples provided by Ampersand Art. I want to thank all the ladies, it was a pleasure meeting you. As an instructor I also learn from you! To see final results join us at the First Friday at the RAC Studio, Friday, March 4, 2011, from 7-9pm, see you there!

Spot on Color Workshop with the Webster Art Club

This week I had the opportunity to provide a 1 day instruction to the members of the Webster Art Club. I’ve been a member of the W.A.C. for about 12 years now and since the day I joined I’ve been welcomed with smiles, positive attitude and open arms. My development as an Artist comes through the support from my friends, specially the W.A.C. members. The subject was “Spot on color”. Getting organized, knowing your tools inside & out and how to maximize them. We also starting working on the color strings and the potential. I’m hoping to offer a 2nd day, so we can really dig into color strings like Monet & Degas.

Thanks for the chocolate treats!

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