2013 Art Festivals

2013 Art Festivals

It’s been a great season for festivals, I won 2nd place at the Allentown Art Festival and Best of Show at the Naples Grape Festival! One more to go, the Letchworth Art Festival, hope to see you there!

10/12-10/14/2013- Letchworth

2011 Festivals

5/21-5/22/2011- Lilac festival

6/4-6/5/2011- Canal Days

7/9-7/10/2011 – CornHill Arts Festival

7/30-7/31/2011- Waterfront Festival
Pending confirmation

9/10-9/11/2011- Clothesline Art Festival

10/8-10/10/2011- Letchworth

Lilac Festival 2011

I’m sooo happy the rain stopped! I feel sorry for the folks from last weekend that got rained out.

We setup the booth yesterday and I was so excited, you can smell the lilacs all over. It was packed, can’t imagine what it will be like today.

Tired of winter? Get out and visit the Lilac festival, specially booth #67! Have a great day!



I love the play of light in this photo, I think I’ll paint it while I’m at the Lilac festival…what do you think??

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