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Gratitude: a pink rose painting

Gratitude pink rose Gift of the rose“Gratitude is the memory of the heart”

– J. B. Massieu, Letter to the Abbe Sicard

Pink roses are associated with gratitude among other feelings. Today I wanted to write about what I’m grateful to have in my life. I know life throws us daily challenges and everything seems so overwhelming at times that we overlook the small details. Here is my list of “Gratefulness” for today along which is also the title for this beautiful pink rose painting for the exhibit, enjoy!

1- Grateful to have a another day, I will treat it with respect and enjoyment!

2- That I can paint what I want, my way!

3- See my daughter’s beautiful face in the morning..

4- Make her a breakfast burrito that she loved and said “Thank you mom!”, that was music to my ears..

5- Share my vision, experience and learning curve of painting with you…

6- The peace and quite in the house…

7- Listened to a dear friend artist last night talk about her art…

I challenge you to add to the list by sharing what your grateful for by inviting friends, family and your readers to join the list. How long can we make this list is up to you!

Dazzling black Baccara roses

Black Baccara roses

Yesterday I picked up my special order of black Baccara roses, thank you Wegmans, they are absolutely beautiful!

Black Baccara roses are also known as “Black roses”, they are more blackish in color before the blooms begins to open. As its bloom opens, the color changes to a deep rich shade of blueberry/blackberry and burgundy. This rose is as close to black as any, blooms have a velvety texture.

Today we had great weather, felt like summer including the bees whizzing, I decided to take advantage and photograph the roses. I found them difficult to photograph, if they were in direct light and slightly far away from the camera they photographed quite dark almost completely black, so it took a little while to get a few good shots while I sweated under the hot sun. Tomorrow I want to give it another try, I have this cool lime green bowl with white polka dots and faux black fur, we’ll see!

This post is from “Gift of the Rose”, have you visited lately, would love to hear from you!

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