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Yellow Rose for Nancy

Yellow Rose for Nancy Radzik

Today Nancy Radzik submitted her amazing story at “Gift of the Rose” about losing her mother, the power of prayer and believing. Thank you Nancy, here’s a yellow rose for you!

Read Nancy’s story and get inspired:

Have a story about roses to share go to:

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“Pearls of Wisdom” on display

Yesterday, I visited the Mane Attraction to get a haircut and received a nice surprise, “Pearls of Wisdom” was on the wall! I love this piece, it was a challenging painting and the model is my favorite niece. If you have a chance stop by Mane Attraction to see it in person, Michelle, owner and fabulous hairdresser, be happy to show you the painting!

Steve Hanks and exposing the human figure

If you aren’t familiar with Steve Hanks, he’s a truly gifted and talented artist that paints woman and children in watercolor. Recipient of endless awards and highly collected. His nude paintings of woman are exquisite and embody a light which as Steve explains, it’s not about the light shining on the figure, it’s the light radiating outward from the figure-wow, how intense is that? Have you experienced when a person walks into a room and their presence illuminates the room with their personality? I invite you to view his work and feel the sunshine in every woman.

* About Steve Hanks

* “The Wonders of a Woman”, You Tube

* Gallery

Not a football fan?

If you’re not a football fan like me, except for the intermission show, here’s something fabulous to do on sunday afternoon;

What’s Up: Art and Dance
Memorial Art Gallery

This program, which explores connections between art and dance, features choreographer Thomas Warfield and set designer Erin Auble of RIT’s National Technical Institute for the Deaf. Students from the RIT/NTID Dance Company will perform excerpts inspired by works from the Gallery’s collection, including Monet’s Waterloo Bridge, Goodman’s Printseller’s Window and Bernini’s Rape of Proserpine.

Did you “see” the awe inspiring watercolors?

I get excited when I see something different, awe inspiring and a whole new take on watercolors. This young lady has accomplished that and caught the attention of some popular magazines. “See” for yourself!

25 Beautiful Watercolor Paintings By Artist Marion Bolognesi

2013 Art Festivals

It’s been a great season for festivals, I won 2nd place at the Allentown Art Festival and Best of Show at the Naples Grape Festival! One more to go, the Letchworth Art Festival, hope to see you there!

10/12-10/14/2013- Letchworth

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