Pinterest rises to the top!

Lately, I’ve seen more and more of my friends and family share “pins” from Pinterest. I’ve gone there occassionally to find art and see what’s new. So, I decided to sign up and give it a try. Not! I was placed on a waiting list, the nerve! I feel so rejected! Then I found out that you have to be invited by someone already in Pinterest. I guess I’ll just have to get in line!

If you’re not familiar with this site, it’s a two-year-old social bookmarking site that lets users collect and share things they like on the web, and has been driving increasingly significant amounts of traffic to retailers’ websites.

Well, recently this site has seen dramatic increase in traffice, like 429%!!

If anyone has experience with this site, good, bad or any success with it, hey, share it, we would all love to hear about it!

Here is the full article from Mashable, including tips how to use Pinterest, that is if you can get into this exclusive site!!

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2 Responses to Pinterest rises to the top!

  1. Peggy, you have to get into Pinterest! Don’t let the ‘wait’ for the login hold you back, that’s just marketing. You’ll get the invitation in 1-2 days.

    Or maybe it’s better if you don’t. It can be dangerously addictive, as I’m now fighting to not spend too much time there 🙂
    Pinterest is absolutely great for promoting your work and driving traffic to your blog (or your Etsy store).

    When you decide to jump on the Pinterest wagon, remember to look for me 🙂
    I also started one for Latinas Unidas:

  2. Peggy Martinez

    Hola amiga!

    Yes, I have a pinterest account, just have to carve time out to fill it beautifully…will definitely follow you!

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