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The most common question I get about my prints is “Where do you get your prints?”, which I reply “I print from home”, followed by something like “You must have a really good printer!” At that point I emphasize that is the name of the company, “”, I always get a kick out of it, I can’t help myself! Unless, I’m selling hundreds of prints there is no way I would invest in an expensive printing machine, that requires maintenance, callibration training and who knows on ink. After researching online which company to use I decided to give ipfh a try and sent over a few images. Although I have come a long way with Photoshop, when I emailed my first order, the terms pixels and dpi’s were confusing and foreign to me. In my first order there was an image that wasn’t just large enough to print, this is where Sara Campos not only emailed me but also called me to make me aware of the issue! She went the extra mile to walk me through to make sure I would receive a quality product. When I received the prints in 3 days, they arrived in a sturdy package, by the way their shipping costs can’t be beat! I ordered the Somerset Velvet Giclees, they are so incredibly smooth and feel and look like my watercolors! Needless to say, my first experience was one of outstanding customer service and fine quality products, I’m hooked!
After utilizing their services for over a year, I decided to learn more about the company and share it with you. I met with Sara Campos (daughter) and George Campos (father) at their location in Tonawanda, NY and what I discovered is not a small company pumping out production but an “Artist Partnership”. The company was started in 1979 as the Campos Photography Center by George Campos, and has evolved into that serves over 4,000 clients, about 90% are artists. They offer a wide range of products and services in addition, they are true partner in the arts. See, their involvement isn’t limited to creating fabulous photography and fine art prints, they support artists in different ways, such as an online art show where artist can display their upcoming shows, they support art teacher programs in the past, special interviews with artists, they offer photography workshops and best of all an awesome website with tons of educational information to assist you with all your image and photography questions to make sure you a happy and satisfied customer!

Sara and George did have suggestions for artists, that is to get your work out there such as social networking. They stated that artwork on a wall is like a billboard! I had to reflect on that one, think about it, if someone purchases a print and it’s on display at a busy office, such a doctor, how many people see your work…in one day?

Magenta Somerset velvet print framed on Etsy

When I have a customer at my booth at a festival, I jump at the opportunity to wow my customer by placing the print next to the original and talk about the quality of the product, it’s an investment.

To learn more about ipfh, their line of products and how to get started visit them at and yes, please mention my name!

My tips
To order images, ipfh offers two methods, a traditional and a ROES, the traditional saves your images and it’s easy. Although the ROES, doesn’t save your or my image, it offers more manipulation for cropping and border options, my personal preference is the ROES.

To get a great print, it starts with a great image, that will be my next post, stay tuned and don’t change that channel! I look forward to your questions and comments.

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4 Responses to Fine art print services an artist partnership

  1. Louis Melendez

    Thank you for that most informative article which allows for creativity to flow from the fingertips onward till hope,aspiration and desire are met on common ground whereby artists and viewers can generously share what makes dreams come true.

  2. Peggy Martinez

    Ah, how inspiring, thank you for such great words, it’s like breafast for champions or artists! Let me know if you need any assistance on how to order prints.

  3. Linda G.

    I have a question. When I make an order for a print do they send it to the purchaser? Or to me? It isn’t clear from the website.

    Thanks so much!


  4. Hi Linda,

    I apologize for the delay in responding. In reference to iprintfromhome, they will send to your home address but I believe they offer locations, you can email or call for more information. Any questions you can email me at



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