Win a painting!


As I had promised I will be giving away an original watercolor!

To win this watercolor it’s very simple, give me a fantastic title for my latest painting, an acrylic triptych of glowing calla lilies:

For a larger view click on the image to visit “La Galeria” at Etsy: “Untitled”

The rules are very simple:

* The title must contain 2 words
* You can only submit one title
* Title must be submitted here in the comments of this post, not on twitter or Facebook (but you can definitely share, read below)
* Entries must be submitted by midnight EST December 19, 2011

Oh wait, there’s more!

If you reshare on twitter or on facebook, the most reshares will win a free print (not shown), I know I’m feeling very generous! The person resharing must indicate “Giving from …” in the post here. Now go, be creative, have fun and spread the word!

Special note

Due to all the robots trying to take over our internet world, I do monitor every post before appearing here. Don’t worry if it doesn’t appear immediately, thank you for your inspiration!

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62 Responses to Win a painting!

  1. joann chinappi

    I would name this painting “Stand Tall”

  2. Peggy Martinez

    Thank you Joann, nice to hear from you!

  3. june johnston

    ‘Giving from’….
    My name for the painting would be ‘Dancing Lillies’.

  4. Peggy Martinez

    Hi June, beautiful title…keep on sharing 🙂

  5. Shirley Vass

    Lovely triptych, Peggy! I would name this painting:

    “Whispering Sweetly”

    I imagine the Lilies are gathered having a nice chat and do it in a whisper not to disturb the surrounding peace.

    (Referred by Kelly Mullaney)

  6. Peggy Martinez

    That is lovely! I’m honored to receive your entry all the way from the UK, thank you & Kelly!

  7. I will call your painting: Nocturnal Rhapsody.

  8. Peggy Martinez

    Thank you Nitza for such a great entry!

  9. Lilliam torres

    I would title it “Bride maids”

  10. Peggy Martinez

    Interesting! Thank your for participating, keep on sharing!

  11. Louis Melendez

    Callas Amor

  12. Peggy Martinez

    Hi Louis, thank you for submission!

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