Need your opinion!

I recently encountered a controversy with fellow artists and really would like your opinion as an art admirer, art collector and/or artist.

What are your thoughts about an artist entering artwork that has been done in a class or instructional environment in a local show for awards or competition? As an art collector how would that influence your decision to purchase art created in a class?

Please post your feedback here, thanks!

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10 Responses to Need your opinion!

  1. Steph

    I dont think personally it would bother me. If the artist is entering there own work in a show, then I have no problem with that especially if its a piece I really admire. If its the teacher entering the students artwork, then as long as they have the right from the student and the student would recieve the recognition, then what difference does it make.

  2. Peggy Martinez


    Thank you giving your feedback! Are you an art admirer, collector or artist, and if so, how would you classify yourself? I’m collecting the information to have a better understanding of the responses, thanks again!


  3. Louis Melendez

    When art is created in a control environment such as in class setting or workshop,then much consideration is warrant as to the subject matter in relative to celebrating event. Artists from all walks of life are to be encourage to pursue their dreams and if by fluke should an experimental piece rise above expectation then scrutiny could follow.
    This may go in favor to the artist who understands public sentiment.Any new set of eyes examining the art piece in question could launch controversy.The artist is then challenge to develop self evaluating tools in response to public review.
    The question may be that of whether if such a piece can survive public scrutiny for value vested in the originality employing the elements of design for approval.The danger is the habit of having art assignment become finish works of art at the discretion of the artist.
    In conclusion, an artist will benefit if creating new art base from personal experience rather then what has already been achieved.
    Dependency from past performance can cast doubt if consistency does not measure up.Therefore,artists are advised to create new work at all opportunity as it can also serve to justify their achievements on record.

  4. As an artist who is also an art collector (in a small way) I would consider classroom/workshop pieces as studies and would look for the pieces to be priced more affordable. If I like the painting, and I can’t get it off my mind, I’ll buy it nevertheless. 🙂

  5. Kathy Johnson

    As an artist and collector I personally don’t think that it matters where the piece was done as long as the artist is the only one who worked on it. I could see if the instructor did something to it then it shouldn’t be entered. What difference does it make where the work was done?

  6. Peggy Martinez

    Thank you to all that have shared your opinion!

  7. Bev Lombardo

    Did the instructor do any painting on the piece? How many changes were made because of the instructor? Ask yourself, how much of this was my inspiration and skill? Each artist knows if the art is truly his or her own. If it is your creation enter it. If not, learn form it.

  8. Peggy Martinez

    Thank you Bev!!

  9. why wouldnt an artist do that?I got taught by teachers who made you more aware of your own path and signature, let you explore new horizons without printing their own stamp on it.
    i also hope as long as i am an artist i can be open to new discoveries weather made on my own, with groupscollegues or in tutorial situations to enhance my craft.

  10. Peggy Martinez

    Thank you Fran for sharing your thoughts!

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