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I would love your support!

I’ve entered “Pearls of Wisdom” in this months contest at Bold brush, if you can take a minute and vote for this beautiful piece of art it would be awesome…thank you!

Pearls of Wisdom

I recently found this post by supermodel Heidi Klum just as I was finishing a commission with the same title. The post made me reflect on all the challenges and accomplishments that I’ve encountered as a full time artist and make every attempt to learn from it and move forward. I’ve had “pearls” of accomplishments and some not so good, it’s a journey.

Webster Art Club Fall Show winners!

Congratulations to all the Webster Art Club Fall Show 2011 winners! I specially want to thank all the members that voluneteered and help make all the little things come together!

Kudos to Fran Bliek, Best of Show winner with her “Seneca Wine Country”. A beautifully rendered oil painting with thick impasto textured, congratulations Fran! I know you’re in Florida and couldn’t join us but we’re happy for you!

Art business: 5 C’s to stay focused

Staying focused on creating and developing a business in art is exciting, confusing and at best challenging. Since, I left the corporate world 18 months ago, I find that I want to try every medium, paint everything and sometimes try to please everyone. Yes, it’s important to listen to your customers, but my time is just as valuable and I have bills just like everyone else. I’ve gotten to the point that experimentation is over, I truly loved, enjoyed and have learned quite a bit and each painting brings another level of skill and knowledge.

As a Bank Manager I wore many hats, from financial advisor, customer service, trainer, educator to removing the dead cat from the parking lot. The most imporant role I had was business development, that meant growing my commercial base of customers and lending money. One of the most important aspects of business lending that you learn early on are the 5 C’s of business credit. These are guidelines upon which lenders base your application in hope that you qualify for a loan and will repay the same.

Time to move on and focus on activities that payoff, I’ve created my own 5 C’s, let’s see;

My goal is to one day be represented by a well-known and established art gallery, to do that I need a strong and cohesive collection of work.

I’ve found most of my buyers through social media, I’ve made it a goal to learn as much as possible about it on a daily base, try it and improve constantly.

I’ll admit I’m a workshop junkie, I love walking away with a new perspective. At this point in my life, I make the decision of whether a class or workshop will truly add value to my other C’s or is it an opportunity to teach a class that will bring income and share my experience. I’ve found that really enjoy sharing what I’ve learned and supporting my students after the class by staying in touch, attending their receptions and helping in any way I can.

At the beginning of my new art career, I got caught up with creating artwork for specific outlets and found myself with artwork that doesn’t move. Now, I only create artwork if it’s a commission, yes, I’m open to paintong a different subject matter and giving it a try. I’ve even surprised myself with new avenues and learned what I really love to paint.

To get my name out there, I need to compete in professional circles and competitions that will add real value to my resume.

My goal is take my artistic career to another level. These are my thoughts and opinion, would love to hear what you think!

Need your opinion!

I recently encountered a controversy with fellow artists and really would like your opinion as an art admirer, art collector and/or artist.

What are your thoughts about an artist entering artwork that has been done in a class or instructional environment in a local show for awards or competition? As an art collector how would that influence your decision to purchase art created in a class?

Please post your feedback here, thanks!

Off to deliver a “The Gathering”!

A special commissioned painting for the holidays, a little pearl, a touch of silver and a sprinking of gold!

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