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Mary Whyte’s book “Working South”

Labor of LoveOver the weekend I had some time to relax and finally read Mary Whyte’s book “Working South” that I had purchased at the Watermedia Expo in Buffalo. I had the tremendous opportunity to sit in a roundtable with her along with other great artist and ask anything we wanted. I also took the workshop with Mary, although it was a little crowded, I would guess 50 artist and 2 models. I did a “mental” happy dance when she used my sketch as an example…woohoo…shh…quietly. She’s such a humble, smart and talented woman. She will be history, like Mary Cassatt and Georgia O’Keefe. I’ve reposted the interview by CBS, titled “labor of love”.

Once I started reading the book, I couldn’t put it down. The book is not about the history of the south, it’s about depicting what our future will not see. It’s a visual feeling by an accomplished and talented artist. I hope one day I can see the tour up close! She mentioned at the roundtable what a perfectionist she is, sometimes she’ll redo a painting 13 times till she gets it’s “right”! I want to be her shredder!

Memorial Day Weekend

I hope you enjoyed the Holiday weekend. We went camping, started with rain and mud, Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day…even got a little tan. More important is to honor our veterans. I’m proud of daughter, Jasmine, for her decision to fight for our freedom, may god bless my baby and keep her safe.

Lilac Festival 2011

I’m sooo happy the rain stopped! I feel sorry for the folks from last weekend that got rained out.

We setup the booth yesterday and I was so excited, you can smell the lilacs all over. It was packed, can’t imagine what it will be like today.

Tired of winter? Get out and visit the Lilac festival, specially booth #67! Have a great day!



I love the play of light in this photo, I think I’ll paint it while I’m at the Lilac festival…what do you think??

Behance Portfolio

I started a portfolio on Behance. So many wonderful contacts on LinkedIn, great community!

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