Event art for Marianne & Angel

Event Art painting for Marianne & Angel’s wedding. After their final approval, I’ll draw in the lines for the guest. It’s going to be a great wedding…guess who’s the photographer? I’m looking forward to the wedding. In case, you can’t see it, the heart shape sign is “carved” with their names, I think it’s very sweet and dreamlike painting.

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2 Responses to Event art for Marianne & Angel

  1. Marianne Morales

    This painting turned out gorgeous! We now have it framed and are looking to find the perfect place to hang it at home.

    Thank you so much! You are very talented and we are honored to have one of your creations!


  2. Peggy Martinez

    You guys are the best! Now you know, when you do hang it up you have to invite the artist over for a cup of coffee! Looking forward to visting 🙂

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