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Decorating a room with a purpose

Welcome to my blog discussion about decorating with art. I hope you find these tips helpful! Please feel free to join in with questions. So, here is my disclaimer, I’m an Artist and not a writer, so forgive my typos and any grammatical errors. I grew up in Puerto Rico, our verbs are backwards so sometimes my sentences don’t sound correct. So, lets’ give this a try!

I thought I would start with my own experience in decorating a room. We have a family that is shared by a sofa bed for guests, my treadmill (whenever I get to it!) and my computer. My dream is to go to Tuscany and paint my heart out. Since, that will probably be a while, I thought I would bring Tuscany to my home. I painted the walls with warm yellows and then I applied a muted orange with a sponge-roller. This created a warm overall feeling. I then painted scenes from Tuscany on two very inexpensive serving plates with oil paints and placed them above a wall coat rack. The sofa bed has muted reds, greens and gold. The curtains are a moss green with gold threads. The overall feeling is very warm, although it could be very cold here in upstate NY.

Need decorating with art tips?

Join me on Monday, December 27 from 6-8pm to talk about decorating with art. How to choose the right fit for th eright room or make an exiting piece fit in harmoniously in a room. Any and all questions are welcomed!

Announcing online shop at ETSY!

I’m very excited to announce my online shop at ETSY! If you haven’t been to Etsy, it’s a online shop to sell and buy Art and crafts. My shop name is “La Galeria”. At this site you can view and/or purchase my original art and prints. If you see a painting on this site that isn’t posted on Etsy, send me an email, I may have the print or can order it, or if interested in an original we can chat about the piece. So, check it out! I’m offering FREE SHIPPING till 12/21/10!

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