Artist Row pictures

Thanks to all my friends and family that went to Artist Row on Sunday. To Mommy, Titi Carmin and Chandy thank you for all your support in helping us with the panels and framing, couldn’t of done without you!
I had a ball meeting and talking with old and new friends. Prints looked awesome!

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4 Responses to Artist Row pictures

  1. Tippy

    Oh sure no thanks to your hubby. Your welcome. LMAO

  2. Peggy Martinez

    And yes thanks to my wonderful hubby for creating the panels and for all your help!!

  3. Linda M Santana

    Soweeee i couldn’t make it. Love sis’ Lidna

  4. Peggy Martinez

    Hi Sis,

    Not a problem, heard you’re working overtime, take care of yourself!

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