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Artist Row pictures

Thanks to all my friends and family that went to Artist Row on Sunday. To Mommy, Titi Carmin and Chandy thank you for all your support in helping us with the panels and framing, couldn’t of done without you!
I had a ball meeting and talking with old and new friends. Prints looked awesome!

Flower study I

Flower study I This was the first of 2 close up of a peony – yeah, you guessed it’s my favorite flower! I enjoyed putting the little guy in the flower, he gives it the painting a little more interest.

TJ and Brittany’s wedding

What a great wedding! We had a wonderful time, the reception took place at a golf course at Fort Bragg in South Carolina.

I painted this piece as a gift to the TJ & Brittany, guest signed as witnesses of their love.

We wish them many years of happiness and love.





Fall Art Shows

Webster Art Club

Iris I Fall Art Show at the Webster Public Library, 980 Ridge Rd, Webster, NY 14580, show open to the public during regular library hours.

I’m excited to announce my small painting “Iris II” won a Jurors Award!!

When I say small, it’s 6?x12? mounted on an Ampersand Board. As they say “Great things come in small packages”!

Also on display is IRIS I, if you get a chance stop by it’s an amazing show with all my art buddies!

Congratulations to all the winners, your hard work pays off! And to Christina Waara, judge, what a difficult job to decide who wins, I agree with you, ribbons for everyone!!


Rochester Art Club

Fall Art Show at Barnes and Noble in Pittsford, 3349 Monroe Avenue, Pittsford, NY. Open to the public during regular store hours.

I have another small piece, also mounted on an Ampersand board, titled “Summer Blossom”. This is one of my favorite flowers , the Tree Peony. They are so grand in size, color and variety.

Show runs from 11/5-11/29/2010.


Rochester Art Club “First Friday Event”

A group show by Christina Waara, Joy Argento, Joan Dwyer and yours truly. We had many, many visitors stop, thank you, your support is wonderful!

I have to say that the artwork was impressive, the crowd was entertaining and the new Art buddies I made that evening are very talented! The artwork is on display at the Rochester Art Studio for the month of November, if you would like to make an appointment, email me or stop by on Tuesdays.

Rochester Art Studio at the Hungerford Building, Studios 437-439
1115 E. Main St, Rochester, NY 14609


Genesee County Nursing Home

Annual Arts & Craft Fair
Saturday November 20,2010 from 9-4pm in Batavia, NY.

Artist Row at the Public Market 2010


Join me at the Public Market, it will be my first outdoor event!

I hope we have great weather.  I’ll have framed and unframed prints available.

Rochester Public Market
Sunday September 19, 2010 9-4pm

Thank you to all my friends and family that helped setup the materials for the booth and that had a chance to stop by!!

Special thanks to my husband Cesar!

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